impact of language on critical thinking and decision makingMake sure you include the challenges presented by language and how one can manage these challenges.

Develop a 10 to 15 slide PowerPoint presentation
Include detailed speaker notes to explain each slide content OR present your slides via Video and submit the link for the video with your slide deck.
Support your presentation with at least 3 credible academic references beyond course materials
Follow APA format where appropriate

FOIA and Privatization of Government

FOIA and Privatization of Government
A democracy works best when the people have all the information that security of the nation permits. With these words, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) into law. This law may seem straight forward, but has been severely complicated since the 1990s due to the growing trend of privatization of government. Many are worried that privatization of services such as military operations, homeland security, the prison system, and interstate railroad operations will diminish the effect of FOIA.

Here is an example from a local government agency:
I (your professor) spent a good deal of time as Deputy Chief of New York States largest all-volunteer EMS agency. This NYS non-profit corporationhas an exclusive contract with the town it serves to provide emergency medical care to a specific jurisdiction. Unlike a fire district (which is a public entity and subject to FOIA) my EMS agency is not subject to FOIA.

In 2005, Newsdaywrote a series of feature articles discussing fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption (FWAC) in the volunteer fire and EMS services. Most of this investigative reporting was a result of information received via FOIA/FOIL requests. Newsdaydid a very good job in helping to reduce FWAC in fire departments and public EMS agencies. However, my EMS agency, unFOIA/FOIL-able, always refused to turn over financial information, and was completely shielded from the financial investigations of Newsday.

The assignment:
Your first task is to research the issue of FOIA and the privatization of government. There has been a lot published on this topic since the mid-1990s. Try to find some examples similar to the EMS agency. Once you have some good reference materials, address the following issues (at a minimum):

Should private corporations be subject to FOIA requests if they utilize public funding? What are the arguments for and against this? If yes, to what degree?
Should there be differences between privatization of traditional governmental services (law enforcement, the prison system, transportation) and private corporations using public funding for non-traditional services (providing day care to the children of government employees, meals-on-wheels)?
Try to find examples of FWAC in private corporations and non-profits that were not subject to FOIA, but may have been prevented by FOIA based investigations.
If FOIA/FOIL legislation cannot force private corporations to respond to requests for information, is there anything that could be done by the contracting government agency to mitigate this?
If you have any personal experiences with this issue, please feel free to share.
<Dont forget to cite sources where appropriate and provide links to appropriate documents and websites.>

global marketing

Select a U.S. brand and develop a marketing plan for selling it overseas. Select a country where you want to sell it (this brand should not be sold in this country at this time), and then

1.Analyze the key elements of the countrys culture, economic, and political environment.  2.Select a method of entry in the country and justify your selection.  3.Select and describe the target market.  4.Identify the key competitors and identify strategic elements that increase competitive advantage. 5.Analyze potential ethical issues in the practice of global marketing the US brand may encounter. 6.Identify a desirable brand image (it may differ than the image this brand has in the U.S.).  7.Identify key features/performance/benefits of the brand. Depending on the differences between the country you selected and the U.S., you may need to adjust the product features, benefits, and performance.  8.Select a pricing strategy.  9.Select the appropriate method of distribution.  10.Explain the role of the companys Marketing Information System in the global strategy. 11.Come up with a comprehensive communication and promotion strategy including the various methods (advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, direct marketing, PR, publicity) as well as detailed descriptions of key ads and promotional material. 

Explain how those peripheral services are helping core service/s

Hello again:)

Well..this lecture is service management, and the professor gave us group project.
As you can see the uploaded picture and ppt, the professor wants us to MAKE OUR OWN FICTION SERVICE COMPANY. So, our group decided to go with 24 hours restaurant. Our six members assigned each of task and I’m in charge of TASK 1_(4) ” Explain how those peripheral services are helping core service/s” part. You should know that I am group member 4 and I should write about  TASK 1_(4) = (slide 6) around 150~200 words.
Actually, one of our member already finished for TASK 1_(3) “Core service/s & Peripheral service/s (at least 4 peripheral services” part, so basically you can write my part based on the slide 5.

Simply saying, you should write about ‘Explain how those peripheral services are helping core service/s for 24 hours restaurant’. MY part is only for TASK 1(4) please just focus on this. And remember our group decided to go with 24 hours restaurant. So, you can actually add more for core services and peripheral services, if it’s not enough. 

If you have any questions or don’t understand anything please let me know.


Case Study Paper

Read the case study and answer the Question 4 in the last page’s Discussion Question section. (separate by both motivation, opportunities, and challenges to write)
4. What is your assessment of Teslas moves into (a) mass-market cars, (b) batteries (car batteries and Powerwall), (c) solar panels? Please consider both the motivation for the moves, and the opportunities and challenges for Tesla to compete in these businesses.

Argumentative essay

Formal essay of approximately 1500 words (or at least four pages) in which you develop your argument regarding the LeGuin novel. This can be a formal extension of your discussion post: you may indeed use the language of your post as a springboard into the new essay! 

Here is the original discussion board question (below are other possible avenues for discussion):

*Discussion #1 (due Tuesday 6/4): Ursula LeGuins novel The Word for World is Forest might be read in a number of ways:  a speculative critique of the war in Vietnam; a postcolonial novel indicting the removal of Native communities in the Americas and elsewhere; and/or a meditation on the categories of the human and nonhumanthe Creechie figure seemingly another form of human that hasnt evolved.  Please read the novel from one of the interpretative lenses outlined above being sure to attend to the texts formal elements to make your case.

Assignment and possible alternative questions:

If you are thinking about development,  please be sure to also consider how the plantation model practiced by the Yumens differs in concrete ways from what we might view as a more sustainable approach to development–the latter practiced by the Athshaens. Another question that I posed on several posts and that is worth repeating: are the “Creechies” indeed practicing a more sustainable form of development?  That is, rather than read them as merely primitive, spiritual beings, can we understand their culture as in fact more advanced?  In this way, does LeGuin participate in world-making through science fiction?  If you choose to write about the novel as a means of “world-making,” it is expected that you will cite Streeby.  But please be sure to prioritize LeGuin.

As many of you also pointed out in your posts,  “New Tahiti” seems like a clear analogue for colonial settlements in the Americas.  You are welcome to explore this theme in your formal essay.  If you choose to do so, please trace it in the novel and be sure to offer concrete examples.  You may also want to consider how the occupation of “New Tahiti” might serve as a metaphor for ongoing forms of colonial occupation elsewhere–the sort that we have seen and continue to see on the continents of Asia or Africa. 

Lastly, many of you also wrote about the exploitation of human communities and the ways in which the category of human is often quite complicated: surely the Creechies are more humanmore civilized, etc.than the Yumens!  As you write your essays, you may want to consider how the novel also asks us to consider the categories of “human,” nonhuman, and/or “civilization.”

You are free to explore any argument that you choose, but you are expected to support your argument with sufficient evidence from the text(s).  This includes a minimum of two close readings of passages from the novel in which you attend to:  language–formal literary devices including metaphor, symbolism, and/or imagery. A close reading is a formal analysis; it is not a summary.

Additionally, all effective arguments must have support; and arguments must be explicitly stated in the introduction as a formal thesis statement, which informs your reader of the “what” and the “how”:  what will you be arguing, and how will you prove your point?  Future essays will also ask for the “why”!

Effective essays will include a formal introduction that includes a thesis statement; a separate essay body that contains sufficient evidence; and a formal conclusion in which you summarize the argument of the essay.

Essays do not have to be five paragraphs.  Indeed, a good essay includes as many paragraphs as it needs in order to effectively communicate its argument and to sufficiently support it.

Your essay must be formatted according to MLA guidelines for in-text citations, must be double-spaced, and must be saved as a Microsoft Word document.