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A chance for a dream

For as long as I could remember, it has been my fondest dream to attend college. I knew that it would be an uphill climb to attend any college at all on my fixed income. All my life, I have worked mediocre, low-paying jobs. It is obvious that I cannot reach my dream without financial assistance. I sincerely hope that you will take into consideration my application for a Scholarship here at College of the Sequoias.

Over the past couple years; everything in my life has drastically changed. The way that I think, react, and live is now totally different. As I was growing up, my stepfather physically, sexually, and mentally abused me. The situation that I was in cost me many valuable things, including my childhood, but in retrospect, I have gained more that I lost.

Two years ago, finally hitting rock bottom at age twenty-nine, I found my self trapped in a ness of problems. Two years prior to this my mom and stepfather had moved to California, I stayed behind in New Mexico, soon my stepfather returned and moved in with me. His abusive ways, came back immediately. He threatened to shoot me; and all my friends. He had total control of my life; my worst fear was the reaction he would have when I told him of my wanting to leave. I was no longer content to play the same old roles that my stepfather expected me to play.

After a major fight with my stepfather, I was standing at a payphone attempting to call a friend to come pick me up, trying to catch my breath. I couldnt think of anyone to pick me up. I felt as if my sense of being had been totally cut off because of him and the decisions I had made. It was like I had flashbacks of the scenes through the last ten years of my life and how I was reacting to situations, and how everything I did was only fixing things in the short term. I came to accept what had happened to me in my past and decided to move forward to a better future.

A Child Called It

One day I was thinking of something new to read. When I asked my sister for suggestions, she told me to read A Child Called It, by David Pelzer. After reading this book, it automatically became my favorite book for many of reasons. This book taught me a lot of essential things in life that many people do not bother to appreciate until it is missing.

This book has inspired me in many ways. It made me realize that I am so fortunate to have a caring and loving mom. You see my mom does a lot for me. She is like my right-hand man. She encourages me to do my best everyday and not let anything or anyone stop me. As I read the book, all noticed that the only boy wanted was love from his mom and that was impossible for him to get. His mom would abuse him instead.

This book also taught me to appreciate and be happy with what I have. I notice that once in a while I whine a lot because Im not able to get new shoes or get new clothes. Sometimes I realize that I am a spoiled little brat for thinking that and very self-fish because a lot of kids can only wish for the things I have. The child in the book was barely surviving with the things he had. He barely had enough cloth over his body to keep him from freezing and I believe he didnt even have shoes.

Until this day, A Child Called It, is still my favorite book. It has taught me so much about life and how to appreciate what you have. It has inspired me to become a better person than I am today.

Admissions Into Finance

Moving from Indonesia to the United States was harder than it seemed. What I assumed would be a smooth transition turned out to involve a considerable amount of culture shock, even though I enrolled at UCSC: a multicultural campus with an Indonesian social club. I left Indonesia after the rioting and political turmoil there in 2000, when the Asian economic crisis was taking its toll on my life and the lives of all my friends and family members. Shifting colleges and moving to a new location seemed a good way to gain a greater perspective on the world as well as on my own life. With ambitions to become a personal or corporate financial analyst, I also knew that the United States university system would offer me far more flexibility and options. My grades do not reflect my abilities in my chosen field because of the difficulties I have had adapting to a new culture but the road has become smoother and I find little holding me back from excelling in graduate school. In graduate school I will have the opportunities to develop core strengths in financial analysis, meet new people and mentors, and expand my social network with the ultimate goal of becoming a self-employed or enterprise-level financial analyst.

Governmental and corporate finance prove interesting to me and I feel I can contribute to clients of both types. In fact, I have recently entertained the idea of helping small businesses grow. Small businesses have always been the heart of America. Being in America has opened my eyes to how many large corporations started off as small ventures. With the expertise of financial analysis, many businesses could prosper even sooner than they would otherwise or reach higher levels of market penetration than they might have without the foresight a good financial analyst can provide. If my mentors in the Master’s program feel I am well-suited for a career helping small businesses thrive, then I believe I will attempt to focus on that as an a…

Admissions: MHS

How will the MSHA degree enhance your career plans? Project the kinds of positions you anticipate having five years after earning the degree. What experiences have you had that form the foundation of your goals?

An MSHA will give me the necessary knowledge required to effectively manage the administrative and care-giving personnel at a major urban hospital and to improve the quality of care given to patients. I have worked for FEMA and in property insurance, as well as served on the board of a nonprofit organization devoted to community improvement, so I have intimate knowledge of the difficulties of navigating the complexities of political and insurance-related bureaucracies. The MSHA will give me a philosophical framework to deal with what I have already grappled with in my practical experience.

Within the next five years, I hope to become vice president or at least a department head of a major hospital, and act as an advocate for change of the nation’s healthcare system. Healthcare is a business today. I have owned three businesses, two cellular phone stores and a shoe store, for more than four years. But while I believe a hospital must be run efficiently and affordably like a business, care also must be delegated with compassion. I hope the degree will enable me to take this conviction of mine and deploy it in my community advocacy and administrative actions.

Give a candid appraisal of yourself. Include some discussion of your strengths and weaknesses.

My accounting degree has given me the necessary quantitative skills to put the compassion and sense of obligation I feel to the community into action in the healthcare field. In the practical realm of business, I have honed my skills at managing and motivating others under difficult circumstances. I have developed the ability to communicate complex concepts (like cell-phone plans) in a clear and comprehensible manner to the public, as well as become a quick-thinking pro

Application Essay

There are many reasons why I am applying to your school, as I believe

it to be somewhere that I could enjoy my educational experience in a high-

quality environment. The fine quality of instruction that would be

available to me there and the amount of learning facilities and

opportunities are very valuable, and they would help me to further my

education in a way that some other schools could not. I understand the

value of a good education, and I am not attending college to party and

cause trouble, or to socialize with everyone that I meet. I am one of the

students that take my education seriously enough to consider only schools

where I feel that I can learn and grow as a person and not be bothered by

many of the issues that plague students at other schools.

I have strong personal and professional goals, and they can only be

achieved by attending college and working toward them. I would like to do

this as early as possible so that I can complete my education and move

forward into my chosen career. I have no desire to be stuck’ in a job

that is going nowhere and that does not require a college education. I see

the value of jobs such as these while one is working his or her way through

school, but not for a lifelong occupation. I have a desire to do much more

than that with my life and am prepared to work for that.

I have made good grades throughout high school and plan to continue

that trend in college. I considered myself to be intelligent, a hard

worker, and dedicated to learning as much as I can in college so that I can

perform my career duties in the best and most efficient way possible.

Within the confines of an essay, it is almost impossible to convey the

seriousness that I have for schooling and the deep feelings that I have

toward attending your school in particular. It is also difficult to sell

oneself as a person and as a student, but I feel t…

Application Essay for Business Administration Program

In todays complex, multi-faceted business world, the role of a good education has numerous benefits. In order to succeed in any business, both personally and as to the expectations of your employer and you clients, one must have an education and training that provides one with the knowledge and skills to excel.

I ask that you kindly consider my resume and application for admission to the Texas A & M Masters of Business Administration program. As you can gather from my resume, my educational, professional, and personal background epitomizes your schools focus on providing a stellar business education while also providing hands-on experience and working on developing important business networks. Besides having real-world experience in the business world, I have been a student leader, a scholar, and a community volunteer.

My interdisciplinary driven life has allowed me to develop and fine-tune the various skills needed to be a well-rounded student and business administrator. For example, my time spent in the business world has given me the skills of working with, and understanding, the intricacies of running a successful business operation. What I have learned is that the business administration process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation is multi-dimensional. In all of the activities I have done, I consistently find myself returning to the basics of this process. More so, when applying this process in business environments, I have come to a better understanding of the importance and functionality of being a successful business person.

I feel I would be an ideal candidate for your M.B.A. program because my diverse background matches Texas A & Ms focus on providing their students with a diverse and practical business education. I believe what separates the Texas A & M M.B.A. program from others is its commitment to creating a well-rounded business leader by providing an interdisciplinary …

Illegal Immigrants Demanding Rights

This is our country our ancestors fought and died for it. We cannot just give away our sovereignty because groups of illegal immigrants demand their “rights.” Today, we face another revolution of sorts. Inside America, two factions stand against each other. Americans are losing jobs, prosperity, and even well-being to a group of people who demand their rights while they live and work here illegally. We must protect our borders from this invasion of illegal aliens. By allowing illegals to enter our country, we open ourselves up to terrorism and numerous social ills. A severe security risk, the question remains; Did we not learn anything from 9/11?

I believe some of the most pressing immigration issues are:

Hospitals: Many local hospitals and medical centers must treat illegal aliens, and the taxpayers have to pay the bills whether or not it comes from the federal budget or property taxes. Once they have a child born on this side of the border the parents become eligible for all types of welfare i.e., food stamps, state funded medical, HUD housing, WIC and many other benefits that we, as American taxpayers, all have to pay for.

Schools: Our school system is overcrowded; more schools are constantly being built at taxpayer cost. Many of the illegal immigrant adults do not want to learn our language but they expect us to pay for bilingual forms, translators and many other services for them. The list goes on and on. The majority of illegal aliens that come here are illiterate in their own language as well as ours. It is almost impossible to assimilate them into our culture.

Welfare system: Illegal aliens are the single largest drain on many systems throughout the country. They are very adept at maneuvering through our system to collect every benefit they possibly can get. We give them more help and assistance than we give to our own people or people who have come here legally. Our churches give food and clothing to…

Acceptance Essay for Nursing

I would like to apply for acceptance to your institution for a variety of reasons not least of which is the esteemed value of a degree from said institution. It has always been a desire of mine to attend such a fine school. While attending your school, I know that I will learn and acquire the information necessary to enter the nursing field and accomplish my goals and objectives.

Being accepted into your nursing program would not only be enlightening educationally, but would also assist me in achieving a life-long dream of helping individuals cope with sickness, disease and illness. I have always believed that my empathetic nature lends itself to a certain excellence in the nursing field and attending your school would lead credence to such a belief.

With the knowledge I will acquire at your institution I am sure that I will be a credit to the field of nursing, and a capable, sympathetic, industrious and caring individual who would assist all people in pain to cope with their suffering.

It is my anticipation that upon acceptance to your educational facility that I would immediately and enthusiastically continue my educational foray into the intricacies of the nursing field and while doing so learn of the many ways and methods that I can be of medical, temporal, and (possibly) spiritual assistance to those in need. I am so excited about this possibility that I have already endeavored to enthusiastically describe my future to those closest to me.

They amicably listen to my description of how life will be and smile with understanding since those closest to me know of my lifelong dream and goal of becoming a nurse.

Acceptance into your institution would allow me to reach not only my goals and objectives but would also help to facilitate my growth as an individual as well. Such an accomplishment is something that I have looked forward to for many years and with this burning desire it is my hope that I will be a s…

Admission Essay

There are several reasons that motivate me to become a law student.

One of them centers around my keen interest in the field of Logic,

Reasoning, and Ethics and the other centers around my interest in

understanding the rules of fairness and justice in our society. Throughout

my education, I have become aware of the key roles that justice plays in

each person’s life– giving each person his or her due.

From the very beginning during my studies, I had shown keen curiosity

in the area of peoples’ perceptions, especially how decisions are made and

how benefits and burdens are distributed among a group of people. All of

these inevitably revolve around the questions of justice or fairness.

My motivation to become a law student also stems from my family

backgroundwhen I was growing up, my parents encouraged me the value of

fairness and standing-up for my beliefs. Later when I enrolled in Master’s

program, I began to understand the excitement behind working with the

students of different backgrounds and knowledge, and yet each one of us

believing on a sense of self-respect and dignity.

This interest that emerged with ethics, fairness, and justice,

finally, began to create curiosity in me to understand the basics of the

law, because now I can realize how law, fairness, and justice are closely

related. For example, even though precedents and legal principles support

both sides of the case, the inevitable result of justice provides the

virtues of the rule of law and its legitimacy. However, justice without

ethics is devoid of the fairness. These complex intricacies have motivated

me to look deeply into the foundation of law and ethics. I am especially

interested to understand how ethics can enlarge the role of the law in

providing a sense of fairness and justice.

The other factor that motivates me for becoming a law student is that

I have enjoyed worki…

Admission Essay

As the Vice-President of an organization with a long and proud history of service to the community, I feel confident in stating that, John Doe has proved to be one of its most committed and involved members. Often, soliciting aid for a non-profit organization can be difficult. However, Jack has shown tireless resolve in his own commitment, and also in encouraging members of the organization to work with a greater sense of common purpose.

Recently, John has shown particular interest and effort in the organizations work with the visually impaired. I have found in the past that people have shown fear and ignorance regarding this neglected group in out society. People are often afraid of blindness, and blindness is not a cause that has generated a great deal of media attention as of late, in the popular press. However, Jack has proved invaluable in generating community interest and involvement regarding the issues and needs of persons who are blind. As the blind continue to face unique challenges in todays society, I know John wishes to continue in his efforts, even while attending university.

I would not hesitate to predict an outstanding career at any university John chooses to attend, and am certain that the college community would benefit greatly from Johns altruistic spirit and his strong sense of values. Engaging in service for others is a critical part of generating a positive sense of a common community, and Jack exemplifies this spirit in his work.

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