Examining the history of student affairs, there has been a shift within the profession from in loco parentis (in place of the parents) to student services towards student development and finally to student learning.  Question: In your opinion has the student affairs profession truly shifted away from all of these philosophies towards a singular philosophical approach or is it a blended philosophical approach? 

Enrollment management is a critical component on any college campus.  From the first point of contact with potential students to bringing in the freshman class, the enrollment process highly influences the overall student experience.  Question: What role should the academic enterprise play in the enrollment process on a college campus?  Please provide 1 recent article (2009-Present) that supports your argument

In your opinion, whose (what area of the university) responsibility is academic advising?  Furthermore, the book gave reference to several different models-peer to peer, decentralized, centralized, faculty lead, etc..  If you have been tasked with creating an academic advising program at either the institution that you currently work at or at the institution that you were formally a student, what would it be?  Please provide evidence with at least 1 recent article (2009-Present) to support your article..

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