Any topic (writer’s choice)

1- What do you see as the basic purpose(s) of the social work profession and the function(s) of social workers?
2- Which current social problem(s) present(s) the greatest concern to you? What view do you have about the way in which such problems(s) could be prevented or ameliorated?
3- How early or recent family, peer group, educational, extended travel, work (volunteer or employed), community, or research experience contributed significantly to your motivation for, and/or understanding of, the field of social work?
4- What can you assess as your strengths and weaknesses in relationship to the education and practice of social work? What unique interest or educational need, if any, so you have?
5- At this point in time, why is graduate education in social work the best way for you to realize your goals? What are your future goals if you become a professional social worker?
6- Does the School of Social Work graduate program have an area of concentration central to your interest?
7- Feel free to add other information you believe relevant.
NOTE: This personal statement must be double-spaced, with 12 pt. font and 1-inch margins. It must be five pages in length. All questions must be answered in a narrative/essay format. They should not be answered in a question and answer format. Please note that this is not a research paper.

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