Data Analysis and Recommendations

Please ensure the paper has these sections:
2 SMART goals (School Improvement SMART Goals

The goal is clearly stated and includes language/music terminology that fully describes the goal.

The goal can be easily assessed and evaluated. Progress and achievement can be measured and described.
The goal is appropriate for the individual student but provides enough challenge for personal and artistic growth.

The goal is realistic and directly correlates to the musical content that is being learned in class.)

Examine testing data for a school, or school/ district of your choice for the past two years in Broward County Florida. Be sure to note the performance of all subgroups including Exceptional Children and ESO, gender, and if possible socio-economic. Chart the performance in a table or spread sheet / document to demonstrate the performance over time for two selected areas- Ex. Math/ Reading, Reading, Social Studies, etc. What trend is observed? Have scores increased / decreased overall? Have they changed radically for any particular subgroup, etc. What are the notable changes/ consistencies? What have you learned about School Improvement that is reflected in what you are observing? Be sure you cite your sources for data and literature in your paper that you will submit- (see below).

Next, what can you attribute the changes / trends/ constants to? What does the school mission / vision/ and School Improvement plan, web page, other artifacts reveal to you about the school? Are there any areas you would endorse/ applaud, or make recommendations for? Include this is your report with recommendations/ commendations based on what your data and artifact analysis have revealed. If you have an opportunity also, attend a School Improvement meeting, but also definitely look on line or at the school for minutes of the school improvement team meetings. Do these evidences concur w/ your conclusions? What seems to be the school’s priorities for improvement based on your analysis and observation of artifacts, etc.

Records appropriate quantitative data and associated qualitative raw data, including units and uncertainties where relevant.

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