Database Project Phase 2


Phase 2: Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and Normalized Tables


In this phase of the project you will determine the entities needed to support your project requirements outlined in Phase 1. Your deliverable for this phase will be:

  • Entity Relationship Diagram (see Figure A-10 on page AC A-10) depicting entities and their underlying relationship. The final ERD will show entities and display their name, their attributes, primary keys, foreign keys, and relationship between entities.
  • Display a list of tables in 3NF similar to the example on page AC A-20. This is a crucial step in your database design and if not done correctly the subsequent phases will not return the desired outcome. Be sure to submit this on time and incorporate recommended changes.
  • Copy and paste the class diagram to a Word document that also contains the list of tables in 3NF as described above.

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