Data scientist


By now you have learned that decision science applies math and technology to solve business problems, involving analysis, visualization, and algorithmic/mathematical computations to extract insights in response to clearly defined business problems. For this discussion question, you will serve as a new decision scientist. 

Select a field (i.e., advertising and marketing, human resources, insurance and supply chain management, logistics) and imagine that you are equipping yourself with the tools you will need to help companies make decisions within that field. 

  • Pull an internet search for the many tools available. 
  • Find at least three tools that you would seriously consider using as a new decision scientist. 
  • List these and include hyperlinks to each. 

Respond to the following prompts:

  • What is it about these tools that intrigued you? 
  • How would they support your quest to help companies make the most informed decisions in the fields you have selected?

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