Case Study

1. Define mindset and describe how mindset relates to Reggies reaction to the compliance test. define mindset and describe how mindset relates to how Reggie is reacting to the announcement about the compliance test.

2. What is brain plasticity? How does brain plasticity relate to mindset?  define brain plasticity and describe how brain plasticity relates to Reggies mindset.

3. If Reggie were your coworker, what about his mindset would you want to keep in mind when offering advice and strategies to him? Why do you think this is important? identify what is important to remember about Reggie and why it is important.

4. In Chapter 4, you learned about memory and how to effectively study. Using Chapter 4 in the webtext, write some talking points for Gloria to share with Reggie so he will be prepared for the compliance test. Be sure to include two specific strategies and convince Reggie why those strategies would work for him.

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