• Choose a gender stereotype that still exists. Again, it may be a stereotype in any culture or specific country. Briefly describe the stereotype and the culture in which it existed, including the country of origin.
    • Explain the effects that the stereotype has on the individuals of that gender.
    • Explain the effects the stereotype has on society, specifically the impact on family, education, work, health, sexual attitudes and behaviorsand anything else you feel is relevant. Explain what difference there might be, for individuals of that gender and for society as a whole, if the stereotype disappeared today keeping in mind the social areas you discussed in the previous question.
    • Explain what perpetuates the stereotype.
    • Explain whether or not this stereotype has impacted a specific culture from the one or country in which it originated (such as, beliefs of immigrants influencing the views of neighbors in their new homeland).
    • Explain how, if at all, this stereotype has impacted you personally.

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