W9 dq

Answers must be 8-10 sentences . No plagiarism . Please cite all sources . This is not a paper assignment. Please answer in separate paragraphs.

1.Reflect on companies that have conflicting responsibilities to multiple stakeholders. They need to satisfy shareholders, employees, customers, and the community. Analyze the conflict created when managers are paid bonuses that reflect only bottom-line profit. Propose alternative compensation plans and support your proposition.

2. find and share a link to an online research article whose study uses a p-value. First, identify the purpose of the article and what problem it is addressing/trying to solve.Then, explain what the p-value indicates in the context of the article.

3. Planning for exit might be the most important thing an entrepreneur can do. Without an exit strategy, the entrepreneur may have no retirement option or no way to get their investment out of the business. Suggest at least three methods for an entrepreneur to exit. Analyze the difficulties of implementing the methods.

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