4 parts

Part 1: 200 COUNT 

An interesting paradox called the Paradox of Thrift arises when households become concern about their future and attempt to increase their saving.   As a consequence of such action the overall economy will suffer. Explain.  Do you agree with this assessment? 

Part 2: 200 COUNT

What are the basic objectives of monetary policy?  Comment on the cause-effect chain through which monetary policy is made effective. What are the major strengths of monetary policy?

Part 3: 200 COUNT

Find a business example of outsourcing and explain the risks and benefits this company faces by outsourcing its components or finished products.


The attached is formatted according to APA7 and should not be modified other than to enter your “response” to each.  Begin by reading the assigned chapters.  Next, carefully study each case study, then research each assignment context on the internet in order to provide in-depth answers and a minimum of 3 resources.   Remember to provide in-text citations for both paraphrased and quoted testimony from you experts.  When inserting a direct quote, remember to include either a page number or, if a web-based resource, use a paragraph number.  

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