assignment 1:

Summarize Chapters 6,7, What if the other party is MORE POWERFUL & What if they WON’T PLAY (each chapter 1 page)

reading materials:  

  • Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement without Giving In by Fisher, Ury & Patton (2011) 

assignment 2:

The Article Review should be 750words double-spaced (3 pages).  It will be a summary and commentary on both assigned readings.  There are 4 parts to the Reading Review assignment:

 1)  Succinctly state the viewpoint each author is promoting  (1-2 paragraphs) 

2)   Summary of main arguments for each position (1-2 pages).

 3)    Identification of main areas of agreement and disagreement among all readings (1 page)

4)    Tell what you think about these key issues –remember to back this up with arguments! (2 pages)

reading materialsthe ethics of torture and treeorism(page 488-511:reading in moral philosophy)

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