Early Childhood

 Learning About Diverse Abilities and Fairness

Reflection: Think back to when you were a child/teen. What do you feel you were taught about how “visible” a person with a disability should be? Remember, being taught can be with words or actions. If you were not taught with words, what did you understand about how visible a person with a disability should be? Was it acceptable to look at the person directly? Did you know or interact with anyone with a disability?

Report and Respond: Choose three points you feel are most important from the chapter (co-teaching approaches, direct versus indirect supports, one-to-one paraprofessionals).

 and respond to it in the following manner:

State the point.
Example Give an example of how this could be used in your classroom (do not use given examples)
Explain how your example is important to children understanding other children with a disability. 

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