Forced Migration

It is a high-level political sicence course, the course subject is forced migration so the assignment is also with the same subject intention.

I need a 5 slide presentation (with specifications exactly as below) + 750 word max  presentation note as if the document is the presentation and walking the audience through the slid.


It is vital that the presentation and accompanying notes reference the sources from which the information is derived.

A) Presentation Slides to be submitted as a PowerPoint document or PDF
Design a set of presentation slides per the template list given below.


The slides must be structured as follows:

1.Title page
Title of the presentation
Name of the presentation author
Date on which the presentation is made (this can be the assignment submission date)
2.Background to the organization
Name of the organization
When the organization was founded
Other relevant background
Maximum 10 bullet points
3.What the organization does
Mission of the organization
Core activities of the organization
Other relevant information about the organization’s work
Maximum 10 bullet points
4.Example of a recent project
Name of the project
When the project took place
What the project did
Other relevant information about the project
Maximum 10 bullet points
5.List of references used for the presentation
To be given as a bibliography

The presentation must be easily readable, and the style must be fully consistent throughout.
The presentation must not include any images; only text can go on the slides.
There is no word limit for the presentation (but note the maximum bullet points per slide).

B) Presentation Notes to be submitted as a Word document or PDF
To accompany the Presentation Slides, include Presentation Notes of up to 750 words. The bibliography is not included in the word count, but everything else is included.

The Presentation Notes must elaborate upon the Presentation Slides, following the same format as the presentation. The Presentation Notes must therefore include the following subheadings:

Title page
Background to the organization
What the organization does
Example of a recent project
List of references used for the presentation (bibliography)
Under each subheading, the notes must include full sentences, in paragraph form, which talk the reader through the slides, as if the author were talking through the presentation.


Your presentation notes must conform to the following formatting requirements:

The page header must include your name and student number.
Referencing must be consistent throughout and must follow the APA citation style (see: to an external site.).
Margins must be set to Microsoft Words Normal setting (2.54cm on all sides).
Pages must be numbered in the bottom footer.
The presentation notes must be no longer than 750 words (not including the bibliography).

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