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Please read the mini case Can You Follow an Icon and Succeed? Apple and Tim Cook after Steve Jobs and answer to the followings on page 408 of the textbook and provide an APA formatted written paper, minimum of four (4) pages (and at least six (6) peer-reviewed resources in support of your arguments) and answer the following questions:

  • Please evaluate a CEOs job, and what makes a CEOs job so complex? Use the challenges Tim Cook faces as Steve Jobs successor to provide examples that support your answer.
  • Tim Cook came from Apples internal managerial labor market to succeed Steve Jobs. According to your analysis, do you think that using the internal managerial labor market is the best approach to follow when replacing S. Jobs? 
    • Use materials in the chapter regarding the internal and external managerial labor markets to explain your answer.
  • Given their different leadership styles of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, describe the differences you found in Apples culture under Tim Cooks leadership compared to the culture in Apple when Steve Jobs was CEO. 
  • Using the information in this Mini-Case as well as you found additional materials through your searches, how do you evaluate Tim Cook as a CEO? 
    • Is he an effective strategic leader or not? Use examples from the chapters discussion of Key Strategic Leadership Actions to justify your answer to this question.

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