I need a 350-word minimum reflection on the MIDDLE and HOMEWARD PASSAGE and address the question, How does learning about the Transatlantic better our understanding of the formation of colonial America?


1) Read the provided YAWP readings.

2) Read pages 24 27, 76 78, and 95 97 of the US History online text.

3) Review the videos and presentation provided. 

4) Read the following: From the Zinn Education Project, posted November 29, 2017:

“On Nov. 29, 1781, on a ship heading for Jamaica, the Zong massacre occurred. The captain gave the order to throw 54 enslaved Africans overboard. Another 78 were drowned over the next two days. By the time the ship had reached the Caribbean, 132 persons had been murdered. When the ship returned to England the owners wished to be compensated the full value for each enslaved African lost. The claim might have been honored if it had not been Olaudah Equiano (also known as Gustavus Vassa), who had once been enslaved. While living in England, he learned of the tragedy and alerted an abolitionist friend. The case went to court. At first the jury ruled in favor of the ship’s owners. Since it was permissible to kill animals for the safety of the ship, they decided, it was permissible to kill enslaved people for the same reason. The insurance company appealed, and the case was retried. This time the court decided that the Africans on board the ship were people.”


Consult the sources provided and take detailed notes. In your notes, answer the following questions:

1.    Where did this portion of the Transatlantic slave trade occur?

2.    What occurred during the portion of the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

3.    Who was involved?







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