Discussion 3


  • Please review the following codes of Ethics: Based on your review of the codes, identify (by code number & title) which ethical code(s) for AAMFT & APA are you most interested in learning about from your therapist interview (in prep for assignment #3)
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT):  (Effective January 1, 2015) 
  • American Psychological Association (APA): (Effective 2003, amended 2017)

DISCUSSION POST: Respond to the following two prompts (see example for Q1 below)

1. Jot down the code number & title for AAMFT & APA that you want to explore in the therapist interview. 

Example: Confidentiality [this is the topic name]: 

AAMFT: Standard II: Confidentiality; 2.7 Confidentiality in Consultations. 4.7 Confidentiality with Supervisees, [I didnt include 5.5 Confidentiality of Research Data as Im not interested in research or will not be interview a research therapist].

APA: Standard 4: Privacy & Confidentiality

2. Respond to the two discussion prompts on the presentation from Cristie Caruso on slides 19 & 20. I will also copy it below:- How do you know if an issue is legal or ethical? Can an issue be both legal and ethical?- Read the case study below and answer the following questions.Sadie Snile, Ph.D., struggled with her own downturns in life. She and her only surviving parent were estranged, a recent divorce left her bitter, and she was drinking too much at night. She became short-tempered with her clients and often mixed up their case narratives from one week to the next. 

1. Imagine you are the director of the agency that Dr. Snile works for, and you received a complaint from a client about her attitude. 

2. What do you believe should be done about Dr. Sniles behavior? 

3. Is she breaking any ethical codes? (Refer to the professional code of MFT or Psychology & use the code number to identify it, if relevant). 

4. What about violation of any laws? (I realize you might not be fully familiar with laws, but guesses?)

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