For this assignment, you will need to clarify your prioritieswhat is most important to you, rank them in order of importance, and determine how you will still complete all of them should something interfere.

In your submission, be sure to: 

  • List your priorities in order of importance (consider school, family, work, children, spirituality, free time, and other activities).
  • Describe how you will track your priorities and completion of certain tasks. Why did you choose this method?
  • What potential solutions could you make so that your schedule meets your needs? Are there certain priorities you can limit or alter if needed? How so?
  • Create your plan for the unexpected. What would your response be to the following interruptions to your plan?
    • Technical difficulties (unable to find Internet, computer issues)
    • You or someone you take care of becomes ill
    • Job demands that interfere
    • Any other unexpected thing that could interfere with your schedule

To view an example of this assignment .

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