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Course name  

Data Analysis 

EDD 771 


Course Objectives

           Doctoral candidates will 

  • Candidates will identify and apply statistical methods of analysis that are appropriate for the data being used. 
  • Candidates will read and comprehend statistical results and discussions. 
  • Candidates will distinguish between good and poor data interpretation. 
  • Candidates will describe the results of statistical analyses in clear, accurate language. 

Course Requirements 

  1. Readings: Prior to each class period, chapters in the text and/or journal articles will be assigned for reading.   
  2. Article Reflection: Each week, students will apply lesson concepts to current peer reviewed research and comment on the process.  
  3. SPSS Activities: These are practice activities embedded within the Chapter PDF slides to be completed as students learn the material.  
  4. SPSS Assignments: Several activities that utilize the statistical software, SPSS, will be given through the course of the class.  These may begin during class, but require completion at a later time 

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