This is a 2 phase discussion wherein you will make your first post having completed roughly half the videos and then a second post after completing the rest of the videos.  The halfway point in the video Series is the Ideation video course.  Your first post should discuss what concept, approach, or tool you found most useful in the first half of the videos and how it could have assisted you in a course or job project you had to complete in the past.  The second post should discuss a concept, approach, or tool you found most useful from the 2nd half of the videos and how you could have applied it to a past school or job project.  Posts should be substantive and clearly explain your understanding of the concept, approach, or tool and why you found it useful as well as clearly describe the past project and how the identified element from the videos could be employed and its benefits to the project completion process.  Two or three sentences will not suffice as substantive posts .These should be well thought out and clearly demonstrate your understanding of the applicability of the concept, tool, or approach to a project.

This is the link for linkedin. You should already have the account for linkedin. When you go inside you need to watch the 10 videos of Become a User Experience Designer.

First paragraph should have 13 lines. For this you need to watch first 5 videos and for second paragraph you need to watch remaining video 6 to 10. Both paragraph should have 10 to 13 lines.

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