Response to prompts

Response to each prompt,  write 1500 words in total. No need to write an equal amount for each prompt, but write at least 100 words for each.  No need to use outside sources, but any that you do use should be referenced appropriately.

1) You might think utilitarianism faces a problem with lying. Doesnt this theory licence us to lie whenever we think this will lead to greater total pleasure? This might seem unacceptable. Explain the problem, and consider what the utilitarian might say by way of response.

2)Does not doing something count as an action?Why does the answer to this question matter from the point of view of ethical theory? Illustrate your answer with an example.

3) The concept of a question-begging argumentan argument which is at fault for assuming the truth of its conclusionseems like a useful concept to have when criticising arguments. But there are some puzzles about it. State and examine one such puzzle.

4)What is the fallacy of Argument from Authority? Is arguing from authority always bad? (When answering, you might consider distinguishing different types of argument from authority, or even problems that arise when trying to distinguish. You might also reflect on this issue from a personal point of view, but make sure to connect your reflections up with the question in a clear and well-organised way.)

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