How to write a Reaction


Your thesis statement should clearly define your position and provide specific examples of what you’re defending. In addition, you need to support your statement with evidence, so be sure to give enough details to make your argument more convincing. Also, make sure to include the main purpose of the analyzed work. This will allow the professor to assess your analytical skills.

Another important feature of a is its ability to contain plagiarism.

 Another critical aspect of a reaction paper is that it requires careful analysis of a piece of written text and a conclusion about your opinion on it. As with any other piece of writing, your reaction paper must be written in your own voice. You must carefully read the text you’re writing in order to determine the appropriate angle and tone. Then, you should be descriptive, providing specific examples of how the subject affects you. The more specific your examples are, the more persuasive they’ll be to the reader. 

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