Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Prepare a well-researched and well-written response to the question below. You MUST properly cite any external, secondary sources used to develop your response and MUST answer the question.

As we have read in the chapter, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, is a system that integrates enterprise-wide information including human resources, financials, manufacturing, and distribution as well as connects the organization to its customers and suppliers.

Discussion Question

Identify two (2) tier one (I) ERP vendors

Once you selected the two (2) ERP vendors:

1. Provide the names of the companies identified in the tier that you have selected
2. Describe each company (e.g., line of business, typical participant, target user market, etc.)
3. Identify specialty or uniqueness of the vendors product
4. Describe the typical user/market for each vendors application/product
5. Discuss WHY an organization would select the particular vendors you have identified
6. Identify one or more applications that would be supplied by each vendor in an effort to assist an organization in competitively conducting business in a global marketplace.
7. Would you recommend either of these vendors to your organizations management? Why or Why not?

Summarize all of the above (points 1-7) in well-researched and well-written paper

ALL secondary sources MUST be clearly and properly cited.

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