Legal challenges

Please address the following
1.    Explain the legal challenges faced by an organization during an investigation while pursuing cyber attackers. Frame answer based on the following points:

o    Authorization needed to gather evidence

o    Identifying evidence

o    Admissible evidence

o    Evidence handling

o    Maintaining chain of custody

2.    Explain the working of the International Multilateral Partnership against Cyber Threats organization (IMPACT). How does IMPACT affect what we do in the US and abroad?

3.    How does the Wassenaar Arrangement affect information security?

An employee is found guilty of disclosing a companys confidential data. What national laws are applicable to him/her? What are the laws applicable to him/her if this is a case of cross-border disclosure of information? Could security awareness trainings (organizations responsibility) have helped in this case? Lack of security awareness training is a real threat for a company.

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