culture communications

your staff at the local hospital. You will
want to discuss cultures and communication and how to improve this among the staff and patients. Use
text and graphics to create a presentation that would benefit the staff and patients on these issues.
Some of the questions that you might answer would be the following:
What would the staff need to be aware of when it comes to communication and cultures?
How would you explain the values and beliefs?
What warning signs might you see if someone is in trouble from a cult, human trafficking or an
abusive situation?
How would you handle a patient that refuses a type of treatment or medication based on their
This presentation should be at least 15 slides in PowerPoint and should have your references written in
APA at the bottom of each slide in a footer. Be sure to cite in APA. If you simply put a website, you will
lose points. This is the midterm so APA should be something you are used to by now. Be creative and
have fun! Perhaps, this is something you might even find a use for one day! Empower your staff and

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