Development of Self and Personality

respond to all parts of the assigned question numbering answers to match to the corresponding question. Each answer must be at least one paragraph in length demonstrating understanding and application of the required class readings. For the question under Let’s Discuss, in addition to completing all parts of the assigned question (minimum of one paragraph in length)

Test Your Knowledge

1.) Explain how the multidimensional self relates to a teen’s self-concept (academic, social) and their broad vs. narrow conceptions of self-esteem? How would factors in their home life play a role (i.e. parents income, parental involvement, number of siblings, changes to family system: divorce, stepfamilies, etc.)?

2.) How do you see personality according to Jung’s theory (extroverts vs. introverts) playing a role in an adolescent’s development of self concept & esteem?

3.) Choose one of the ‘Problems Associated with Adolescents Sexual Behaviors’ p.285-292 of the textbook, and explain the impact it could have on their life, academics, future, etc.? As parents and educators, why would it be advantageous to understand where teens acquire knowledge of sexual practices?

Let’s Discuss
1.) According to Erikson, what obstacles could a teen face prior to emerging with a strong identity and the fidelity virtue? What leads to role confusion and how would it affect current and future life choices? How could attachment and parenting styles impact an adolescents identity formation and autonomy?

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