In the last two modules of BIO2101, we learned about the nervous system. In this module, we explored how the cardiovascular system assists in the transport of hormones produced by the endocrine system, in addition to getting glimpses of how other organ systems may have overlap with one or both systems.
This assignment will address the challenge put forward by Jake: How do the nervous and endocrine systems affect the cardiovascular system in similar or different ways?


  1. Imagine if you were walking along the beach and cut the bottom of your foot open from a sharp piece of beach debris. Prepare a written paper of at least 1000 words that includes the following:
    1. Discuss components of blood that participate in wound healing and discuss their roles in the wound healing process.
    2. Using specific examples, compare the process by which a hormone and a neurotransmitter will be secreted in response to this accident.
    3. Examine the action of a neurotransmitter compared to that of a hormone on the physiology of the heart and blood vessels as a result of sustaining this injury.
  2. Your paper should be formatted as a proper research paper with an introduction and conclusion. Do not simply follow the bullet points above, but really think about what you have learned and how that relates to other material we have covered and knowledge you have from other courses you may have taken. The Research and Report assignments in this course are capstone assignments for each module. You should be integrating everything that you learned in the textbook, explorations, discussions, and lab activities into your papers.
  3. All references must be cited using APA Style format. Please refer to the . 
  4. Use what you have learned from this module to complete the assignment. In some cases, you may need to conduct additional research. See the Grading and Evaluation section in the Syllabus module for links to research databases in the CCCOnline Library.  
  5. Submit your paper to the Module 1 Assignment: Research and Report assignment folder.

See the Course Schedule and Course Rubrics sections in the Syllabus module for due dates and grading information.

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