Long term Care essay

Please look and three peoples comments. Change essay to comments

New creative title

beginning needs a better hook

why did author write this


More quotes from the article

analysis more then summarize point out the audience in the beginning of paper


essay was more a summary rather then analysis of the text tell what author main piont was


one paragraph needs to talk about Trump and health care medicare and how it relates to this articleintroduce medicare as the problem

another paragraph needs to be about her mother personal paragraph

See attached article read and write

Academic Analysis to understand that argument as fully as possible

all rhetorical background and a summary with attributive phrases

along with thesis /claim of the original authors and your claim which is to be simply he/she/ they accomplished___ by doing ___ ( generally )

the meat of the essay will be the break down of your thesis proving the points

Spacing Double

Pages    3

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