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CJS/211 Ethical Violations Paper

Use the internet to locate an article where a police officer violated ethical law enforcement behaviors such as unethical practices against police procedures, use of force, or investigative protocols.


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you address the following:

  • Describe the role and value of ethics in policing.
  • Identify the punishment or consequences of the unethical police practices.
  • What key points did you take from the Police Ethics Discussion with your collaborative group this week?
  • What methods or training are in place or should be created to prevent the unethical behavior from occurring again?

Format your paper in accordance with APA guidelines.

Personal Biases

Think about a personal bias you have. What is this bias? How do you think this bias might influence the way you teach, plan instruction, or deliver assessments? Why is it important to give tests and score these tests without any biases? What methods might you use to minimize your own biases when teaching, instructing, or assessing students?


General Instructions for Journals

While journals are less formal than course papers (i.e. you can and should include personal reflection and experiences; use first person, etc.), you should still be sure to use complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling. Journals should be at least one and no longer than three pages in length. You should make specific connections (including APA formatted citations when appropriate) between your personal reflections and examples and the theory, terms, and research being discussed in class.

ISCOM/374 Demand Management Scenario

Your Learning Team represents a newly formed logistics department at a plastic manufacturing company. The company is currently underperforming with on-time deliveries. The Hangzhou, China location is consistently under 93%. The company goal is to be at or above 96% on-time deliveries. It has been discovered China is not forecasting and the demand is driving the service levels down. The company president has challenged the Logistics Team to improve the on-time deliveries from 93% on average to 96% on average at the Hangzhou, China location.

Prepare a 250-word paper explaining how using demand forecasting methods can improve on-time deliveries and which to consider for the Hangzhou, China demand plan. Include the following:

Compare and contrast the benefits of each forecast method and then make a final recommendation for the best technique to implement in Hangzhou, China.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Essay on clean environment

at less 15 pages case study with out the pictures

at less 10 References

at Less 2 pictures per point explaining it

case study

The importance and beauty of a clean place

The amount of cost and effort needed to clean the cities streets and parks annually

Why people do not care about the cleanliness of the city they live in or the surrounding environment like streets and parks

Methods of dealing with the problem of throwing waste and neglecting the cleanliness of the street and the parks

Some methods have succeeded in making street and parks clean


Explore Ed Tech Tools: Photo Sharing, Images, and Social Networking

You will explore tools and websites to learn more about the use of photo sharing, images, and social networking tools in education. After completing the readings and exploring some of the websites and multimedia listed in the Week One Resources document, try out a tool from each of these categories:

Photo storage sites: Flickr (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or Shutterfly (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (See the instructions for the “Collect Images and Create Flickr Album” assignment to find out how you will be using a photo storage site to complete this week’s assignment.)
Social networking website (professional): You explored LinkedIn (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for your introductory post, but here are others you might want to investigate: The Top 18 Educational Social Networking Websites for Teachers (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

You read about using images and photo sharing in this week’s resources. As you prepare your initial post for this discussion, consider the following questions:

What are some advantages of collecting images on a site like Flickr?
How can a teacher use these tools in the classroom to help students learn?

Note: be sure to examine the Instructor Guidance and the Week One Resources document for help with this assignment.


Initial Post

Think about how each of the tools you explored can enhance teaching and/or learning. Give a specific example of an educational use of:
a photo storage tool
a social networking tool such as LinkedIn
the use of images in teaching to help student learning.

Choose one of the tools you examined and explain how it can be used in a specified grade and content area to meet a learning objective. For example, you might write: “Glogster (a poster making tool) would be great to use for fourth-grade book reports in a reading lesson. Glogster would help visual readers create a pictorial representation of their book to illustrate a character or setting. This activity would help students compare their classmates’ interpretations of characters and settings to their own ideas and promote a richer discussion and deeper understanding of these story elements.”

Foundations of Educational Technology Week 1

Pros and Cons of Using Educational Technology in Schools

Explore four of the sources listed under the “Using Technology in Schools” section of the Week One Resources document. If long, skim the source to get the main ideas. Choose two sources that focus on the pros of technology in schools, and two sources that focus on the cons of using technology in schools. Alternatively, you can choose up to two of the sources that focus on both the pros and cons for two of your four choices.


Initial Post

List the title of each the sources you chose, and list the main points or arguments made by each author.
Next, give your opinion of the content you explored, focusing on the questions below. Elaborate on your opinions, citing each source to support your ideas.
How can technology best be used in schools?
What factors contribute to successful technology use in schools?
Are there some technologies that should not be used in schools?
Should we stop trying to integrate technology in schools?

The Work of Angles and demons

Each “essay set” assignment comprises a set of 2 distinct essay question prompts designed to stimulate the student’s thinking and assess the knowledge gleaned from the textbook and course reading. Each essay question should be answered with a 1 page double spaced essay, but compiled and submitted as a single document (2 essays for a total of 2–4 pages, double spaced). It is expected that the course textbook and assigned reading will qualify as the primary sources for writing essays; however, students are permitted to use other sources. Any sources quoted or used in the essay should be cited. Each essay is meant to answer a related group of questions, so it is important that you are thorough in answering the questions completely.


Essay 4 

For this final essay, you decide to again meet the gentlemen from the coffee shop. Through your discussion he states that there are a lot of opinions surrounding the doctrine of angels. This has caused him a lot of confusion, particularly when it comes to how they work. In the first prompt, explain to him the work and ministry of angels as it pertains to both heaven and earth. 

As a follow up, he is then curious in knowing your opinion when it comes to demons. Explain to him some of the foundational ideas surrounding demons. Who are they? What is their activity? Be sure to use relevant Scripture and supporting sources to substantiate your response.

Clinical Field Experience B: Observation – Strategies and Differentiation

Allocate at least 2.5 hours in the field to support this assignment.

At your field experience site, observe at least one lesson taught by a certified grade 1-8 teacher. Look at the learning strategies and activities utilized during the lesson. Make note of how students are grouped during various learning activities.

Speak with your mentor teacher about differentiation. What considerations are taken into account when learning activities are differentiated for the students in the classroom? Use this field experience to gather ideas for your lessons in Topic 6.

Based on what you have learned from your observations, address the following questions in a 250-500 word reflection.

  1. What were some of the learning strategies and activities utilized during the lesson?
  2. How were the students grouped during the learning activities?
  3. What types of things are taken into account when differentiating learning activities

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar

with the expectations for successful completion.


An example is attached as a guide

Functional Behavioral Assessment Short Paper

After reviewing the reading for Week 3, address the following in a two- to three-page paper:

  • Describe how teachers collect data in order to determine the functions of a behavior.
  • Analyze the importance of collecting and reviewing data before implementing specific interventions to address challenging behavior.
  • Discuss three common behaviors a teacher may see in young children and target for modification or replacement. Propose possible functions for each of these common targeted behaviors

Your paper must be two to three pages in length (double-spaced, not including title and reference pages) and utilize APA formatting. It must cite at least two scholarly resources (including the course text). Citations must be properly formatted in APA style. Lastly, please note that this information will be used for your Final Project, due in Week 5.

A Class Divided and the Invisible Knapsack Review

Imagine that your principal has come to you and stated that the district is interested in hosting a professional development workshop for educators to help them broaden their cultural competence, improve their family-teacher relationships, and enhance educational experiences for all students. The district is proposing using the materials from “A Class Divided” and “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” for the workshop. Both of these resources are dated, but are often used in schools to introduce faculty to social justice issues that affect educators.   



our principal has asked you to submit a 500-750 word persuasive essay either in support of or against the use of the material in these resources. In your essay, include specific examples that discuss whether the materials could be used to help individuals broaden their cultural competence, build stronger relationships, and create more relevant educational experiences. If you argue that the materials should not be used, offer reputable alternatives for your principal to consider. Be sure to include links and descriptions of the alternative resources.

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