Use the Theory relating to Adaptation Aggregation and A

Use the Theory relating to Adaptation Aggregation and Arbitrage to explain the success of BMW in China.
Make a strategy recommendation for how BMW should approach the Chinese market in the future.
This is a group assignment. Every member of the group is expected to be able to discuss all areas of the report. You should meet many times and discuss the issues identified in the report.
Each member of the group will be responsible for bringing two journal articles to the discussion. Each student will be identified in an appendix to the assignment along with the two journal articles this student brought to the discussion and a short paragraph about why these journal articles are relevant to the assignment. The ideas from these journal articles will be captured and discussed in the main body of the report.
All ideas in the report must be referenced using Harvard Referencing.
In the first half of the report you introduce ideas then in the second half of the report you will discuss and evaluate these ideas to identify what is most important.
This is a short report so fill it with ideas and discussion. Descriptive material has negligible value and should be avoided. We are seeking analysis discussion and recommendation enriched by ideas found in journal articles.
In business you will be expected to produce short well-argued reports. This is where you demonstrate that skill.
(500 words week 11 20 marks)
Assessment Criteria
Demonstrated knowledge of theory.
Capacity to apply this theory to the development of a new strategy for BMW.
The comprehensiveness of the list of issues identified.
The clarity of exposition.
The quality of the discussion and evaluation of the issues identified
The integration of ideas from journal articles
The clarity and utility of the recommendation
The correct use of Harvard Referencing throughout the report. (the source of all ideas must be identified)

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