Art Of Asia

The link below will take you to the Google Art Project page featuring the Freer Gallery which is part of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. Look through the collection and select a work of art from Asia (be sure to pay attention to the creator of the art work and the place it was created, you will only earn credit if you write about a work that was created by an Asian artist.)  It does not have to be a brush painting, although there are several in the collection, it could be a sculpture, scroll or statue but it should be one that you find interesting.  Write a short essay on the work – describing its color, texture, image and why you selected that work. Remember you paper should be organized around a thesis statement.  Don't forget to put your name in the file name and other than the Title, Date, Media and Artist of the work there should be no other biographical information – just your observations and descriptions. 

PLEASE note that on the left side of the google art page there is a gallery view which will allow you to get close up to the work and often move around it to get different perspectives.


· Introduction paragraph with a thesis statement. 

o The introductory paragraph should give your reader an idea of what to expect from the essay. Introductions introduce your topic, create interest, identify your main idea, and previews the rest of your paper. Introduction paragraphs should always have a strong thesis statement that is discussed throughout your essay, and give your reader a roadmap of paper. 

o For a handy guide on thesis statements 

· The terms of reference must be the same. 

o This should include;

§ Artist's first and last name.

§ Title of the art work, in italics. 

§ The date it was created. 

§ Medium. 

§ Culture / artistic period. 

· Body paragraphs that give evidence / discusses your thesis statement.

When writing about art, the image should be your central focus. You should give your reader a concise (two or three sentence) description of the work of art, and then argue / reinforce your thesis statement. Make sure you connect your argument to the visual evidence-the image. 

· Your conclusion should restate your thesis, and remind your reader how you arrived at your point. 

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