Edward Snowden

For this assignment you will craft a 4–6 page paper (more than 1500 words, not including references) explaining this topic, with 4 or more new references (that you find). First watch the movie using the link on the Moodle page.

The topic is to decide on the role and future of Edward Snowden:

Your paper will have the following:

1. Description and Definition of his current status (research) (20%),

2. Currently proposed legal solutions (20%), and

3. Pick a current proposal that you think would be a legitimate charge either for or against Edward Snowden. Argue why you think it would be the appropriate judgement. (60%).

Sections one and two are verifiable and in the references you have found. The third part is what you think is a "good" proposal to remedy the current status of Edward Snowden. Offer as much insight and proof as you are using information from your resources.

Watch Citizenfour Online Watch Movies Online Free:



Here are some initial references. The four and more references that you use in your paper can not include these:





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