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Argumentative essay.  In a minimum 5 paragraph essay, you are to argue for or against a topic of your choice.  Your topic must present two opposing sides/arguments; in other words, there should be arguments/reasons in favor OR against the issue/topic. You must argue for OR against   Your essay must consist of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Your first few body paragraphs must each present an argument/reason; your final body paragraph will concede an argument to an opposing opinion; that is, it should mention your opposition's strongest argument against your opinions and then you have to weaken it; that is, explain why it is weak or wrong.

If researched, you must provide a Works Cited page.

A basic outline of this paper is as follows (I used "smoking" as an example):

Topic:  A smoking ban in public places.

Introduction and Thesis:  Why smoking should be banned in all public areas.    

Body 1:  Second-hand smoke and its dangers.

Body 2:  Cleanliness factor.

Body 3:  Smokers' rights is the conceding argument (but how smokers' rights infringe on non-smokers' rights is my way of weakening it).

Conclusion:  recommendations, predictions, suggestions, etc.

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