Homecoming Kaleidoscope Concert

12 pt. font
1-inch margins
2 pages in length, minimum
Use complete sentences, proper paragraph structure, correct spelling, and good writing mechanics.


The report should be a review/summary of your musical experience, discussing the performance using terms and ideas which reflect what you have learned in this class. The report should show that you are knowledgeable about music (by using musical language and terminology), in addition to expressing your opinion about the performance. When giving your opinions, you should back them up with supporting reasons. You do not have to discuss every single piece on the concert — limit the report to the highlights (or lowlights) of the performance.

The report should be essay-style writing with an introductory and a concluding paragraph.

NOTE: If you go to a musical or opera that has a storyline in addition to music, do NOT write your report about the plot. Your report needs to focus on the music, not the story.

It is always okay to express a negative opinion in this type of writing if you can back it up with supporting ideas.

If you use program notes or information from the internet, you must properly cite all sources and use quotation marks as necessary. Do NOT copy directly from any source: this is plagiarism.

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