Mapping Your World Synthesis Task2

Discussion Board Participation: Instructions

1. Take a look at the maps below. 

2. Choose the map that you find the most interesting.

3. Briefly explain in your discussion board post why you find it the most interesting.

o Advisory Notes:

§ If uncertain where to start, I find it usually helpful to simply ask: what does this map mean to my personal interests or professional ambitions?

§ Let me just add that this activity is wide-open to any and all interpretations. Its goal is to prompt you to take a new look at your world as well as hear how your classmates see the same. As such, I'm looking for thought provoking creativity.

§ And, by briefly, my expectation is that your statement runs 200 to 250 words.

4. Finally, Canvas gives you the option to "Like" a particular post. Using this feature, mark those posts that you feel are particularly thought-provoking and imaginative. Depending on the distribution of likes the post that receive the most "Likes” wins 1 to 3 bonus points. 

I would encourage you going forward to post a bit more challenging, provocative, or just downright different kind of thought that helps your classmates better appreciate your insight!!!

It must combine the knowledge of business Diversity (The Cultural Environments Facing Businesses

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