Disability: Specific Learning Disability

Disability: Specific Learning Disability


Present Level of Performance:

Marcus is a second grade student who qualifies for special education services in the areas of reading comprehension and reading fluency. He struggles with decoding grade level words and is unable to correctly answer grade level reading comprehension questions related to what he has just read. When material is read to him, Marcus is able to answer comprehension questions at grade level. According to standardized testing, his current reading comprehension is at the 1.0 grade level. When given a timed test at the first grade level, Marcus is able to correctly read 30 words in two minutes. Marcus also struggles with written expression.

Marcus is able to perform at grade level in math, which is his preferred subject. Marcus appears to be somewhat reserved around his peers, and his parents would like to see him become more social.

Sample Co-Teaching Lesson Plan (Direct Instruction)





Common Core State Standards:

· RF.2.3 a. Distinguish long and short vowels when reading regularly spelled one-syllable words.

Objective (Explicit):

· SWBAT decode the vowel sound short /e/ in one-syllable words.

· SWBAT to distinguish the short /e/ sound in one-syllable word within a sentence.

Evidence of Mastery (Measurable):

· Include a copy of the lesson assessment.

· Provide exemplar student responses with the level of detail you expect to see.

· Assign value to each portion of the response

See attached files


Sub-objectives, SWBAT (Sequenced from basic to complex):

· How will you review past learning and make connections to previous lessons?

· What skills and content are needed to ultimately master this lesson?

· How is this objective relevant to students, their lives, and / or the real world?

– SWBAT sound out words phonically.

– SWBAT differentiate between different phonemes.

Key vocabulary:

Short / e / sound

Long / e / sound

Ben, Ted, let, bed, get, tell, then, left, fell, yells, pet, Jen, net, nest, tent, wet, web.



Short / e / Vocabulary list

Short / e / paragraph

Short / e / Book Jen

Short / e / Word Search worksheet

Opening (state objectives, connect to previous learning, and make relevant to real life)

· How will you activate student interest?

How will you connect to past learning?to past learning?

· How will you present the objective in an engaging and student-friendly way?

· How will you communicate your  importance  and make the content relevant to your students?

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