The Importance of Personal Integrity Assignment Overview: Write a 4–page reflective research paper on the importance of personal integrity. Define personal integrity and provide examples of honorable behavior and living by ethical codes. Consider the origins of your own sense of right and wrong, and how they depend on personal, family, and/or cultural values. Discuss the role of honesty in personal and professional lives. Provide examples of professional dishonesty, and the fall out of dishonest actions to careers or personal lives. Consider public figures like politicians, athletes, or journalists, for instance.* Reflect on the ways in which practicing personal integrity and honesty may benefit you personally and professionally. Finally, answer this question: Does honesty matter in today’s world? Support your answer. *You are encouraged to research recent examples of public figures who have engaged in dishonest professional practices like Brian Williams, the journalist, or Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP chapter president, or Tom Brady, the NFL quarterback. Your paper should cover the following topics: 

• a definition of personal integrity, honorable behavior, and ethical codes; • examples of professional dishonesty and the consequences of such actions; • a reflection on the role of personal integrity in your own life; • an argument on why honesty matters or does not matter in today's world. Your paper should include the following components:

 • Research from reliable and / or scholarly sources (preferably found at the Ashford Library databases) to define personal integrity and provide examples of professional dishonesty; 

• APA formatting, following the APA Checklist at the Ashford Writing Center;

 • In-text citations and corresponding References list. EVALUATION RUBRIC The goal of this paper is for the student to reflect on the role of effective interpersonal communication in everyday situations. The paper will be evaluated by the following criteria:

 • Paper follows college essay structure components. 

• All topics in the assignment prompt receive coverage. 

• Appropriate sources are incorporated as supporting evidence. • The paper is properly formatted according to the APA Guidelines.

 • The student demonstrates understanding of the importance of personal integrity.

 • Evidence of student reflection on understanding the role of honesty in today's world. Student is encouraged to contact the Ashford Writing Center at any stage of the writing process 

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