Pop Culture

Prepare analytical paper selecting a contemporary figure, celebrity, story, film, music video, television program, novel, etc. and make an argument that this figure IS OR IS NOT FEMINIST or empowering for women based on arguments presented in 3rd wave feminism. 
Make an argument on a controversial topic using evidence and textual support
THE INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH SHOULD CONTAIN A CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT which names your chosen text and chooses one position which a brief indication of why 
Underline Thesis 
Paper should contain a detailed explanation (1-2 paragraphs) of what version of 3rd wave feminism you are using to make assessment of "feminist" or "not feminist". It is not sufficient to quote the dictionary that says "Feminism means equality for women". Rather, take a position based on one of the key ideas in 3rd wave feminism. 

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