Quiz: Chapters Six & Seven

Quiz: Chapters Six & Seven


1) In Atmospheric Perspective, the color of objects in the distance shifts toward ________________.

2) The illusion of texture in an artwork is known as ____________________.

3) The term _____________________ describes the phenomenon of texture appearing gradually less

distinct as we move from foreground to background.

4) The application of mediums such as oils and acrylics to build up actual texture on a surface is

called ____________.

5) Employing very realistic texture to trick the viewer into believing the art is actually the subject(s)

depicted is called ____________________.

6) The space or depth suggested by an artist in a two-dimensional work is called _______________.

7) Texture is often a more significant element in ___________________ than in painting. (more than

one right answer!)

8) Sometimes texture is so important in a work of art that it is, or becomes, the _____________ of the


9) Relative Size contrasts the size of objects (like humans) in the foreground with similar objects in the

middle or background to simulate ______________.

10) ________________ is when an object prevents the viewer from seeing all or part of an object

behind it.

11) In Atmospheric Perspective, as objects get farther away, texture and color saturation


12) ___________________ describes when the length of an object is reduced (& possibly distorted)

to suggest we are looking at it from an angle other than its side.

13) The terms, ‘Vanishing Point’ and ‘Converge’ are used in what method of suggesting depth and

space: ________________________.



14) Even though glass allows us to see through it, it can also suggest depth by _______________

objects that might even be behind the “viewer’s” vantage point.


Short Essay (4 pts.)

Discuss the use of space in Yellow and Black Boats by Jennifer Bartlett (fig. 5.39, p. 101).


Extra Credit

In Albert Bierstadt’s landscape paintings, texture gradation (texture gradient) helps to communicate

the illusion of depth as an element of this technique: ____________________________________.

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