Challenge 1 – Identify the Bugs

Challenge 1 – Identify the Bugs

There are 3 bugs here on the respective bug pages:

Follow the instructions for debugging each of the three bugs on their respective pages.

Bug #1 Solution *

Bug #2 Solution *

Bug #3 Solution *

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Challenge 2 – Basic HTML / CSS

Download the optin template: PSD File or JPG File and convert it into HTML / CSS. No need to make it responsive or add any jQuery. The code you submit should be written by yourself and not generated using a software program.

This challenge is to test your basic HTML / CSS skills. The final result should be nearly ready to add to a website so include form elements, etc.

This should take you no more than 1 hour.

Once done, please zip up the files and submit to us using the following form:

Your HTML/CSS Submission *

Enter the URL to the downloadable ZIP file containing your HTML/CSS submission. We recommend uploading to a service like Dropbox if you don't have your own server.

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