Write the reflection paper

Write the reflection paper. Answer the following question in 400-500 words. Please answer by providing concrete illustrations of your ideas. This means that you might refer back to the text at hand, your lived experience, your small and large group discussion memories and/or your discussion notes. DUE November 7 before 9am.
Reflection Directions
After you read When We Wake and participate in discussion, write a 400-500 word response in which you answer the following questions: What critical elements did you notice in the book? Why do they seem important? How does that shape how you make meaning with the text? Make sure to provide concrete examples of the elements that you identified in the book (i.e. share quotations from the text that illustrate your ideas and explain them). zheng critical is my essay, which professor gave zero. he told me i did not follow the requirements. his recommened is below my zero essay
critical lens focus chart are important points, the essay should follow this form

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