Human Genetic Disorders

Directions below

You need 2 paragraphs for this assignment to earn full points.  

1.Locate and give the full page of the URL to a video that pertains to one of the topics below. It is not unlike a main discussion post. Summarize the video in detail. If the URL is not given and can not be verified, points will not be earned.  

2.Apply your topic: Explain why this video is important. Tell me why this topic is important to your future career. How can you apply this topic of anatomy to your career or your community? Give a detailed example for full points. Be specific about this; Do not just say it is important but explain why it is important.


• 250+ words minimum.

 • Thoughtful, substantial and factual information is required. 

• This must be written in your own words. 

• Direct quotes should be cited. Demonstrate comprehension of material. APA references and citations are expected when sources are used.material. APA references and citations are expected when sources are used.

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