Medical Sciences

Firstly, please use very simple English and very less Big vocabulary words and make sure there is no plagiarism from outside sources or from anywhere else. Just write the summary from the Article provided and following the directions I provided below to write it. 
Article Summary Format:Paragraph 
1  Describe and summarize the main question asked by the paper and what the relevance is to your topic (briefly). (Approximately 2-3 sentences)Paragraph 
2  Describe what was performed in order to achieve the results that the paper is describing. This paragraph is a summary of the “research methods/materials” section of the article (if applicable). If it is an epidemiologic study describe the details of the study (when it was done, how many people, what type of study, how it was performed, etc). (variable but appx. 3-4 sentences)Paragraph 
3  Describe & summarize the results of the study (what they found out!) (variable length but appx. 3-4 sentences).Paragraph 
4  Describe the conclusions that the researchers make. This is simply summarizing the conclusions that the researchers make. Paragraph 
5  Describe how the article is relevant to your topic. What implications does it have for your disease topic? Future treatments? Future public health campaigns?
Plz add the Citation of the article I have provided under. 
In addition, below are the Do's & Don't. 
DO indicate within your paper citations for any information that you got from a valid source (Best way to do this is by using a superscript (footnote) number like this –> (80 million Americans were affected by heart disease in 20101 and 300 million worldwide.
2) Notice that the superscript number can be mid-sentence or if at the end of the sentence comes AFTER the punctuation.
DO limit the amount of direct quotations that you pull from sources. Try not to use direct quotations more than one time in your paper. I want to see you process and summarize the information in your own words – you will retain it better this way. If you do quote a source, the end quotation belongs AFTER the punctuation at the end of the sentence. Example: The FDA reported in 2003 that the West Nile Virus was "an outbreak of epidemic proportions."DO use proper grammar. Large grammatical errors interrupt the ability of the reader to understand what you are trying to convey. If you don't feel confident in your writing ability I recommend that you seek help from a friend or, even better, at the Writing Skills Center located in the CCC Library. DON'T use "I", "my" or other Non-passive Voice words. Scientific writing is traditionally done in PASSIVE VOICE. Example: Instead of saying "I read that HIV is a virus that affects cells of the immune system" say "HIV is a virus that affects cells of the immune system". 
Plz Plz write in very simple English try to use less vocabulary and No plagiarism only use the article provided for the summary.

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