Project management

1)What power can the project manager exert as interpersonal influences? How effective are these powers and what are their limitations?

2)Describe the behavioral differences between functional and project managers.

3)You are at the end of the seventh month of your project and everything is proceeding as planned. Motivation appears high. Decide which of the following you should do and provide an explanation your response:

Leave well enough alone.
Look for better ways to improve the functioning of the team. Talk to them and make them feel important.
Call a team meeting and review the remaining schedules for the project. Prepare contingency plans.
Make sure the team is still focusing on the goals and objectives of the project.
4)What is meant by polarization of communications? What are the most common causes? What can you do to resolve this situation?

5)When is the best time to capture lessons learned and best practices? Why?

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