Ted Talk Analysis

Students are required to write a 3-6 page critical analysis of five Ted Talks Environmental Videos. Please note that in our class schedule (see below and also in Modules [weekly schedule]), there are five weeks where I have scheduled viewings of three Ted Talk videos (per week). Each of the five weeks, students will choose one of the three videos to watch for that week (although students can choose to view all three each week, one is all that is required). The goals of this assignment are: a) to broaden awareness about how experts communicate important environmental issues, b) to critically analyze the speakers' presentations for persuasive effectiveness, visual and verbal interest, and solutions to environmental problems, and c) to integrate themes across the five chosen Ted Talk presentations. This assignment is specifically targeted to address the department learning goal 2 and the course learning objective 2. The attached rubric for guidelines on the project: Ted Talks Critical Analysis 


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