Assignment 2: Choose a Topic

Assignment 2: Choose a Topic

This week you will be choosing a topic for your Unit 6 Assignment.

Look ahead to the Unit 6 Assignment requirements and determine a topic of interest to you. Because this is a capstone course a variety of topics are applicable from financial accounting to auditing. Select an area you are interested which will allow you to evaluate the ethical and social implications of business and accounting decisions in a global context (such as the ethics associated with earnings management decisions). For the Unit 6 Assignment, you are required to critique the ethical situation AND evaluate its potential outcomes.

Submit your topic on a word document and a short explanation of why you chose this topic for your final paper. After receiving instructor approval you may begin working on your Unit 6 Assignment.

Save your Assignment in the following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn_Unit3_Assignment2).

Submit your Assignment by selecting the Unit 3: Assignment 2 in the Dropbox by the end of Unit 3.

**Note: All paper topics must be approved by the instructor by the last day of Unit 3. You must submit your topic for approval through the Dropbox as soon as you have identified it, and you may proceed once you receive a response confirming the appropriateness of your topic. Papers are due by Sunday night at midnight of Unit 6, which is different than the typical due date of Tuesday night. However, that still gives you almost 4 weeks to complete it, which is plenty of time. Please feel free to submit it early if you complete it early. You do not have to wait until Unit 6.

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