6.3 – Assignment: Module 6 Review Questions (PLG1)

6.3 – Assignment: Module 6 Review Questions (PLG1)
These review questions will broaden your application of a few key topics from the chapters and the Module 6 objectives. Answer all three questions. All references are required to be in current APA format.
1. List some products in your personal or family "inventory." How do you manage them? (For instance, do you constantly run to the store for milk? Do you throw out a lot of milk because of spoilage?) How might the ideas in Chapter 12 change your way of managing these SKUs?
2. Identify a goods-producing or service-providing organization and discuss how it might make aggregate planning decisions using the variables described in Exhibit 13.3.
3. Provide an argument for or against adopting a chase strategy for a major airline call center.

Text Book
Collier, D. A., & Evans, J. R. (2015). OM5 (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Module Review Questions Each module contains short answer/essay review questions on key topics that should broaden your application of the material. The questions will also serve as a core review for the Final Exam in Module 9, but are not meant to be inclusive of all test material. You are expected to submit answers to the review questions after reading the module chapters, reviewing the module ancillary resources, and participating in the module discussion.
Review questions will be automatically submitted to Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service, to check for originality, so be sure to appropriately cite all sources used in your paper. Papers should be written in Microsoft Word format to ensure compatibility with the ERAU systems.

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