Account receivable problems

Company Background : Company XYZ which provides marine services and ship services. It provides an entire range of ship services to their clients include port agency, cargo handling, inland haulage and warehousing, catering, maintenance, customs clearance, as well as export and import documentation.

Services provided to all ships and other nautical vessels that come from the entire world and enter the Red Sea ports in 5 branches along the coast.

the company has important clients with credit account who pay each 30 or 60 days and sometimes the company provides the services for new customers with also credit account who just passed by for ship catering or other urgent issues.

the problem :

the company experience a sharp increase in Account Receivable over years ( from 2014 to 2016 ). And no clear procedure for collecting the account receivables that results in an increase in bad debt.

Required :

1- Problem Statement

· Briefly provide background for the problem, to give your reader some context before you describe your problem.

· Describe your problem and its significance in words. Demonstrating a reasonable understanding of the problem.

· Explain why studying your problem is important. What will a solution to your problem enable you to do?

2- Literature Review       

     Describe previous work related to your problem. Present what you discovered in your search of the literature. Review issues, theories, concepts, and studies discussed previously, and review what other writers/researchers have to say about the subject of your analysis. Discuss the concepts, ideas, or insights that are most valuable in helping you make sense of your project. 

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