Research and select a state or local debris management plan

Initial post:

1. Research and select a state or local debris management plan 

2. Read the plan and conduct a critical review answering: 
•What types of hazards is the state/local authority threatened by?
•Does the policy/plan consider the types of debris produced by those hazards?
•Does the policy/plan discuss how to collect, sort, and dispose of the debris?
•Does the policy/plan mention FEMA’s rules for reimbursement for debris management?
•How does the plan identify human and physical resources specified for the debris management function?
•Did you learn anything from reading the plan that was not explored in the course? If so, what?
•What is your overall assessment of the policy/plan? (e.g., what are its strengths and weaknesses?)
•What recommendations do you have to improve the plan?

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