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You will demonstrate your skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based project.Task overview and context

You receive an email from Glenda Smith, Team Leader: Editorial Team.

Subject: Welcome and handover


Congratulations on your new role as Team Leader: Editorial Team and welcome to BizOps Enterprises! Unfortunately I can’t be here for a handover, so I am leaving you with an overview of some of the projects you will be working on. You will find this information below. You will be working extensively with James Chen, the IT coordinator for the retail operations division. You will also need to let Aziz Singh, the Finance Manager, know when projects need funding or will affect the budget, which is very tight this year.Please refer to the ‘Instructions to the candidate’ section that follows for a list of tasks you must complete.

Best wishes,

Glenda Smith(former) Team Leader: Editorial Team

Overview of currentprojects

  • There is a current and rather urgent project involving invoices. We need to develop a new invoice for a particular high-volume client that will include discounting for volume purchases on a sliding scale. A first draft has been hastily put together, but this will need to be checked for compliance.
  • It is that time in the document review cycle when you need to check a sample of documents for compliance. The main organisational documents you’ll need to familiarise yourself with in order to do this are the style guide, privacy policy and information management procedures.The incident and injury report form is scheduled for review and also needs checking against current WHS information capture and storage requirements.
  • Some IT decisions need to be made soon, and the IT Manager has called for feedback from teams on upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office. The editorial team uses 15 desktop PCs.
  • The finance department keeps tabs on how departments are saving money. They want reports from each team leader emailed to Aziz Singh. Team leaders need to implement their own mechanisms for gathering team data. Here is an excerpt from Aziz Singh’s email to all staff from earlier in the year: ‘ This is a reminder to staff about the mechanism for creating a “savings mindset” at BizOps that was agreed upon at our last organisation-wide budget meeting. It was agreed that monthly reports from each department would encourage staff to take advantage of easy cost-saving opportunities and allow the sharing of effective strategies throughout BizOps.’


Instructions to the candidate

You will need to access and read the following BizOps policies, procedures and forms:

  • Document style guide
  • List of documents
  • Template development and review procedures
  • Incident and injury report form
  • Privacy policy
  • Information management procedures
  • Draft invoice

See the ‘Resources required’ section for how to access these.

Complete the following tasks in a Word document that conforms to the BizOps style guide requirements for general documents, where possible. Number your response to each task.

  1. Refer to the list of documents. Make a list of all relevant organisational policies and procedures that guide standards for documentation.
  2. Refer to the forms and templates sections of the list of documents. Identify three types of documents used and required by the organisation.
  3. Access and read the template development and review procedures. How do these procedures evaluate the quality of documents produced against documentation standards?
  4. Access the incident and injury report form and check it against relevant organisational standards. Provide details of at least two aspects of how the form meets or fails to meet organisational standards. Comment on its readability and appearance. Are there any aspects of the layout, tone, language or content that could be amended to enhance the appearance or readability of the document?
  5. Research current WHS legislation to determine whether the incident and injury report form captures all information required in the event of a notifiable incident. How many years must a form detailing a notifiable incident be stored for?
  6. Write six questions that could be used to gather feedback from staff on the usability, readability and functionality of documents and templates used at BizOps.

7.Describe an occasion when you amended a document template based on feedback you had received and how you went about it. If you have not done this, describe a situation where someone else amended a template because of user feedback, and how they did it. Your response must indicate how you arrived at the decision by systematically gathering and analysing all relevant information to make an informed decision.

  1. Access and read the draft invoice. Explain two ways in which it complies with BizOps documentation standards. Explain which software you would use to include discounting for volume goods on a sliding scale.
  2. Write explanatory notes suitable for the staff who will be using the invoice. Ensure that the content, text type, format and language style will suit existing and future users and that the notes could be used for training purposes.
  3. Compare how you would verbally present this information about the invoice template at a team leaders meeting with how you would present it to an employee who is not confident about their IT skills, but who has intermediate-level skills.
  4. Write a plan that outlines the steps that would need to be taken in relation to the invoice draft, from the checking and editing stage through design, testing, implementation, training and obtaining feedback. Your plan should reflect acknowledgement of time and cost constraints and the implementation phase must refer to how you would name, circulate and store the master le and when you would print it.
  5. Explain how two actions in your plan would save money for the organisation.
  6. Write brief notes on your response to a request to outline the value of upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft Office in the current budget cycle. How might the editorial team be held back, if at all, in word processing tasks if the upgrade is delayed? Research whether there are any costs to the organisation related to the upgrade, besides initial purchase of the software, and list these possible costs.25 End 

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